Friday, February 10, 2012


WOW!!! I hate to be that person...but goodness!!!!.... I want a break for not just me but for my babies! So Grayson went to Houston where they did the test (Jeff said like 30 times) and it came back positive for Hirschprungs.  As emotional as it made me; I was happy that at least we have an matter what has to be endured by all; it is fixable.  Just as we thought it was confirmed, we were scheduled for a surgical biopsy at a civilian hospital where a pediatric pathologist was available.. Hirschprung's Disease is the absence of ganglion cells in a part of the bowel which the biopsy would test for. We were told it wold take 5-7 days to get the results; however the pathologist reviewed the biopsy and it was apparent Grayson had the disease. We have been diligently irrigating Grayson three times a day. You would think with all that he has been through that he would be a cranky and irritable baby...quite the opposite! He lays while I irrigate and just looks at me with his heart breaking blue eyes and smiles.

I write this now in the surgery waiting room, having just left my baby in the arms of a nurse in hopes that this will be it. There are no words to describe the helpless feeling when having to watch your baby go through the operating room coorridors. The surgery will take about 4 hours we were told. They brought him back at 8:30 and we were just notified at 10am that the surgery was just beginning. The hour hand can not move fast enough for this momma! Aside from the normal surgery risks; Grayson also runs the risk of having a colostomy if the colon looks unhealthy or not enough to reconnect. This is my fear. Knowing fear is not of God...I am unceasingly praying for this surgery to be successful and for him to be on his way to good health! We are at a civilian hospital downtown...what I would give to be back at BAMC where we have grown to know the staff and have even made close friends. However, I know we are at the place that is best equipped to serve Grayson and hopefully after his recovery time here...we are done with hospitals (one can hope!!!)!

Jeff also received Humanitarian orders to Hurlburt Field in Destin which is about 1 1/2 hours from home. To be honest, I can not find myself getting excited. All I want is for all of my children to be healthy and happy and problem free! I am certain once we are over today and I know Grayson is on his way to being better; I will gain excitement; as for now, there is just too much uncertainty.

On a lighter little babies are not so little anymore!!!! They are now evolving into little boys....rolling over, cooing and babbling up a storm, trying to sit up and are just so fun! How fast eight months has gone by!!! As the kids were napping not too long ago; I sat and reminisced on all of the NICU pictures. Picture folders that are named Delivery, 28 weeks, etc...has become 8 month babies. It is hard to imagine my monsters being a mere 2 pounds! How far they have come; and how much I look forward to what is to come! It is moments I spend playing with my boys, hearing their sweet giggles and voice, and watching them interact with each other that remind me no matter the trials that come our way...I remain blessed times four!
Just another day hanging out at the house! Say Cheese!!!!

Out and about strolling around the neighborhood!

All of my boys' being Air Force proud!
Getting spoiled by Aunt Barbara who came down to help during the surgery.
Hanging out with Grandpapa while sporting the cute glasses one of their favorite NICU nurses, Kristie, got them in their Valentine goody bags!