Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Week 16 &17

Week 16
This past Saturday I celebrated my twenty fourth birthday. This must be the year of FOURS!!!!! It was the first birthday in 24 years that I have spent away from my family & friends back home. Even though my family makes birthdays extra special, Jeff did a wonderful job giving me a memorable birthday. My husband does not keep secrets worth anything; it is just not in his nature to hold onto one for more than a few days. He managed to keep my birthday BBQ a surprise right up to a couple hours of it happening. I had a wonderful time!!! My day was made by our friends joining in the festivities and my feasting on ice cream birthday cake...just what this pregnant mamma of four ordered:).

Now that I go to the OB every week, my weeks tend to fly by!!! Even though I know to expect the weekly Wednesday appointment; I still find myself getting anxious for its arrival. My heart beats like I am running a marathon (although baking four babies could easily be mistaken for a marathon!!!) and has done so for a few weeks now. It proved to be no different when the tech took my vitals; and escorted us to the exam room (exam room means that there will be no fun ultrasounds on the high tech ultrasound machine). After questioning our Dr. about my runner's heartrate, he informed us that my heart is working way past overtime to push the blood that has multiplied 100% through my body and to my four bundles. My Dr. did as he normally does and checked my cervix length as well as the boys' heartbeats. All was well!!!! My iron was checked last week and the results had indicated that I was severely anemic...which would be a good reason why I can hardly find energy to walk to the bathroom!! The Dr. informed us that low iron could effect the boys' development and how much blood and nutrients they receive. That afternoon I had to go back to the hospital to get an iron transfusion. Having it done on the labor and delivery section, made child birth real as newly born babies were whimpering and being wheeled to the nursery. The process was incredibly lengthy, (thank goodness I was in a lazy boy recliner...I need one of those at my house!!!) but necessary so I sat...and sat. A Dr. different from the one I typically see came in to tell me just how low my iron was and how it was a great possibility I would get a transfusion every week or two. I will learn for the future iron visites to pack a snack cooler, go to the bathroom as many times as I can before I am "hooked", and will bring a warm blanket....might as well make myself comfy if I am going to spend my entire afternoon there!!!!

Week 17
We have anticipated the anatomy apt for weeks now!!! Today was finally the day to ensure us that each little boy was growing and organs developing as normal. The three hour appointment flew by!! The ultrasound tech examined each baby at a time being sure to point out every little detail. She explained to us that she was looking for minor warnings of syndromes or defects. After reviewing each baby, she gave us the clear that they were all doing well and all of their "bits and pieces" were functioning as they should be. My cervix is still holding strong which is what I look forward to hearing every week. The longer it holds out the longer I can live without being on "do nothing" bedrest. We will continue our weekly Wednesday appointments next week; this coming week my iron will also be retested to see how the infusion took. The Dr. told me today that a normal person's iron level should be at 36 but carrying four babies he said that 30 would be a low end of normal for me but I was at 26. Depending on how the results read next week will determing whether I get iron transfusions weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Either way, this is the only bump in the road that can effect the babies and it is completely fixable. God knew what he was doing when he blessed us with four babies; and he is continuing to show us just what he is capable of doing.

Having the babies confirmed as boys gave me the all go to start the decorating and shopping!!! When browsing for baby bedding, I had my criteria in mind. I did not want the run of the mill "baby" room...no bears, no pastels; but rather sophisticated and unique to fit us! On top of the criterium was price!!!! With four babies comes four cribs which comes four bedding sets. There were alot of cute sets that would have been fine priced for one baby or maybe even two....but $130 or more for one bedding set does not cut it when I am having four of these bad boys!!!! Having already decided that I was having two nurseries, I decided that I wanted two different themes for each. I googled, I ebayed, I searched and searched and nothing called out my name. A week after I began the search, amazon did me well!!! One of the nurseries will be a patriotic theme...the bedding is a dull red, white, and blue color scheme with white houses, eagles, flags, etc. The other nursery will be an all american sports theme...it is dull (or primary colors sounds better) with blue, red, tans, etc and has every ball and sport fit for an all american boy. All I need is for housing to call me and tell me there is a four or five bedroom house available for us so I can begin "nesting and setting everything up!!!!!

Ice cream, cake, pizza: all of these things bring happiness to a pregnant woman; but all I needed to fill my cravings was to hear that all of my baby boys were growing and developing and had no warning signs of a syndrome of defect....as always, I am blessed!

The quads at week 17

3D of one of the boys

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week 15

To me, a family makes up a home and for three weeks my home was not complete as Jeff was not here. When he called me to say that he was coming home 3 days earlier than expected my day was made! Not only was I longing for his touch, love, and companionship; but things were getting hard for me to do as fatigue had begun to set in early during the simplest activities and his help would be much needed and appreciated.

Family has been asking for weeks now where we were registered and what we needed. We wanted to hold off on registering until we had an idea of what the sex of the quads were and as far as what we needed....EVERYTHING (except the furniture which my parents or "Nana & Granpa" graciously bought for both of the nurseries). Jeff and I had decided that this past weekend would be the time to register since the babies sex was known. Talk about a reality check!!!! Registering for FOUR babies is just overwhelming; I found that the fun was almost sucked out of the experience!!!! This was the first day that I honestly had some sort of idea as to just how much four babies were going to cost. I found myself almost sucked into the money whole and the feeling of helplessness overcoming me. It took the words of Jeff and my Mamma to bring me back to our reality. God gave us these babies and has found away despite the odds so far; and he will not leave us now. These are the times where I must completely live by faith and allow God to complete his plan for us. Being a type A personality, completely letting go is a hard task for me; but I have no choice as I can not do this alone nor do I care to. My faith will remain strong in knowing that He is far bigger than us or our wallet will ever be and He has his watchful eye over the Evans.

It wasn't long after we found out about the quads that we began looking for names. Up until this past week of finding out that more than likely all of the babies were boys, we had 2 boys names and 2 girls names set and agreed upon (we did however have a few back up names that were saved in both of our emails, but far forgotten as we just knew we would have 2 and 2). We also agreed that we wanted family names for all of the babies middle names. After searching and digging for names we finally decided on all of the boys' names: Brock Michael (Michael being my step father), Grayson James (James being Jeff's oldest brother), Keaton John (John being Jeff's father), & Camden Joel (Joel being Jeff's older brother). How I listed their names also corresponds to the letters that they have been labeled in the womb from the beginning (A:Brock, B:Grayson, C:Keaton, D:Camden).

This weeks visit was very special as it was Jeff's first time going in over a month! He had his hopes set on them doing an ultrasound but I was weary that they were just checking my cervix and nothing else. Jeff's face lit up when they took us to the ultrasound room. The resident was present again at this visit and did most of the ultrasounds. She started by checking my cervix which was still doing great at a length varying from 3.27 and 3cm. She then went on to looking at each baby to check the heartbeat and also to verify the sex!!! As always she had a time getting the baby still to do the heartbeat and to distinguish all four different babies. As always, all four had great heartbeats and being true to the last visit; all four are still boys!!!! This time there were no questions; it was obvious as the babies were not shy in showing off their manhood (made daddy proud!)!

Our doctor came in and confirmed each of the quads well being and then went over my chart. I lost 2lbs. from last week which he attributes to the sever indigestion. He prescribed a pregnancy safe medicine that I take twice a day (hopefully this will not only relieve the indigestion but also make it easier to put on weight!). I have not been taken iron pills as it had caused me to stop going to the bathroom so he was concerned that my iron was low and ordered me to get labs done which I did. I did not get a phone call that day so hopefully the iron levels are not too low!

As my birthday is just 2 days away; I have reflected on my past year of life. Never would I have dreamed I would be 15 weeks pregnant with quadruplets on my 24th birthday!!! I am grateful to live another year; and eager to see how this next year turns out as I welcome my four beautiful boys!!!! Once again; I am blessed and give all of the glory to Him!

Brock Michael at 15 weeks

Grayson James at 15 weeks

Keaton John at 15 weeks

Camden Joel at 15 weeks

Keaton going in for the thumb suck....makes Mamma smile!

3D of Grason James

3D of Keaton John

Me at 15 weeks pregnant

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Week 14

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder." It has been three weeks since Jeff has left to go on a TDY to Las Vegas and my heart has no desire to grow any fonder; I am beyond ready to have him back! My dad came to the rescue last Thursday and brought me to his house in Magnolia. When one spends day in and day out in the company of themselves; words cannot describe the impact company has! It was a wonderful week and made Jeff being away more tolerable! Not only did I get to escape loneliness; I was also able to escape the daily meals of Ramen noodles, Chef Boi R Dee, and Hungry Man meals. My babies must have been in heaven with a variety of food...a far cry from TV dinners. Seeing my little sisters and having the opportunity to have lunch with them at their school made not only their day but mine as well! It gave me a taste for what I had to look forward to when my children get to be school age; and just how much a simple lunch brightens the day of a child. I am certain I talked the ear off of my friend (stepmother; but friend is preferred as stepmother sounds plain evil) as it had been awhile since I had adult contact! She was absolutely wonderful to me and made me feel like a princess. She took an entire day to go with me to take pregnancy pictures. They were not just any pregnancy photo shoot...I was pampered with my hair and makeup being done and had the most sensual pictures taken to mark such an important event in my life! Lunch and pedicures just topped the day!
The week slowed as I came back to my house of solitude. Three weeks have passed and the yearning I have had to be back not only with my husband, but best friend, family, comforter is stronger than ever. TDY's provide a taste for what a deployment would be like and after three weeks; I honestly cannot fathom 4-6 months or longer. One thing is certain; this will be the last time that Jeffrey will leave that I will be alone. In a few more months I will have 4 other lives to think about other than myself. Hours of endless silence will be replaced with four times the cries, laughs, and intervals of slumbering babies. I feel so blessed to be given this gift. A definite challenge it will be; but God knew what he was doing when he created the quads and he makes no mistakes...however; it is a gift I have accepted and a challenge I am ready for! Besides, even at the loneliest of times; I am not by myself, as He is always by my side.

I have patiently been waiting for April 1st to arrive as we intend to move into the 5 bedroom home on main Lackland AFB. Another unexpected bump in the road has put a damper on that date. The people whose home we would be moving into had their orders cancelled leaving us in the too small 3 bedroom we reside in now. Just as I was about to (well; i did let it get to me) break down Jeff reassured me by saying we were now the first on the list to receive a brand new 4 bedroom home (it ends up being 200 sq. ft. bigger than the 5 bedroom) which is in its final steps of being finished. Now the patience must return as we must wait 30-40 more days. Just when I am about to let my emotions take over; God comes through with something worth the wait.

Two weeks have passed and like usual I had an OB apt. Each time I go I anticipate the ultrasound tech being able to tell me the sex of the quads. I took statistics is high school and felt that we had fairly good odds of having a good mix of boys and girls. Well...my A in statistics obviously did not help me out with this one!!! The ultrasound tech had trouble labeling all of the babies as they were moving about; but when she was able to get each separate one still; she took a good look and made the ASSUMPTION (not definite) that all four babies were little boys. I cannot say that I am shocked; if you look at the other family members who are males in the Evans' family, they are great at producing boys (not so much with girls). A resident later came into the room and added her opinion...all boys. Well...I was still hopeful as neither of the ladies were doctors!!! My doctor came in and as he was locating each baby, heartbeat, and placenta; he too thought (THOUGHT!!! not definite) that all four were boys (I believe he used the term...turtles!). Aside from the sexes; all four babies are growing great and have wonderful heart beats; that is all I really need; just healthy babies no matter the sex. He also checked my cervix which he said was still completely normal and has not shortened at all. From now on, I will go every week for a cervix check among other things I am sure. Limitations begin this week as I cannot do anything to raise my heart rate, no straining, no lifting, etc. March 28th is the anatomy apt. where each baby is examined closely for sex, growth, heart rate, etc. I have been told to be prepared for a 1/2 day event!!!

Even though deep down I had hoped for a little girl ever since I was a little girl; it all becomes insignificant. All I find myself wanting is four healthy babies that grow to be happy; regardless of their sex. I am so blessed and cannot begin to describe how thankful I am that everything is falling into place and going well. Well, with four boys the Evans' kids will make up half of a sports team!!!!!!


Babies at Week 14 Me at Week 13