Monday, January 2, 2012

1st Christmas

I remember sitting in the NICU and holding each of the boys...all I could do is dream of when I had them home and think about all of the firsts...1st Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. It is hard to think that the dream became true. The one thing missing this first Christmas was my Brock. I found myself wrapped ;up in a load of emotions these past few weeks. I think I heard the song by The Band Perry "When I Die Young" (what played at Brock's services) more this week than ever before.As the boys grow, I also see Brock more in them. And as always when we are out and about people stop to stare at, "the triplets" which they are not and will never be. As much as my emotions were flailing about...I loved and appreciated the boys' first Christmas. I dressed them in "My First Christmas pj's on Christmas Eve". We spent the day playing with Christmas cartoons on Nick Jr playing in the background. I made a quick trip to the Commissary to buy makings for Christmas dinner...grilled steaks and sweet potatoes and Jeff and I exchanged gifts. Christmas Eve was ended by a visit from one of our favorite NICU nurses, Kristie. I had planned on washing their Christmas pj's so they would be able to wear them on Christmas as well...but thanks to Kristie I didn't have to! She got them the cutest little reindeer feet sleepers, a fitting picture frame, and brought an ornament with each of the four boys names on it from all of our favorite NICU nurses. It was a great visit!

Christmas Day the boys were in rare form. They are use to napping from 10:30-2:30 ish. They didn't sleep a wink. Well...maybe a total of five winks; the other 4 hours was spent fussing. The day was made up for when we went over to Kristie's house to have Christmas dinner...a perfect end to a fussy day.

The next week was filled with testing for Grayson. We had the sweat test to see if he had CF (came back negative) and he also had the biopsy. I do not know if that was worse for him or for the momma; it was just terrible but completely necessary. We will find out the results in about two weeks; as much as I hate waiting; I am praying that all will be just has to be.

The boys and I have got the pleasure of having Jeff at home throughout the holiday weeks. We are now accustomed to taking a field trip everyday after naptime. I love it and so does the boys!!! Once Jeff is back at work I am going to make an effort to keep up the outings as it is good for us all to get out of the house! Let me just say; we got all kinds of crazy for New Years....NOT!!! HAHA! Life with three little boys is never ending; so we stuck to our normal schedule; I wouldn't have it any other way! We have been attempting to get the boys to sleep through the night...New Years Eve was a success!!! Keaton got fussy around five but no one got out of the crib until 7:20....This made New Years!

I do hope this is a start to a great year! Not that 2011 was a bust; it was just overwhelming. From the quad pregnancy to the 16 week NICU stay to the passing of my sweet baby Brock; it has been a year. Here is to hoping that 2012 is filled with positives! Ringing in the New Year being blessed times 4!

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