Friday, June 15, 2012

A Fresh Start/The Epic Move

About the time Grayson's butt was healed; it was time to get ready for our big move to Florida! Before I could concentrate on the move, I had to plan the boys' first birthday party for all of our San Antonio friends who have become family. These are the nurses, doctors, neighbors, etc who were there from the start of the pregnancy and who will remain in our lives no matter the miles apart!

I decided on a Seuss themed party and found "Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3" onesies for the boys' outfits! I never realized just how much effort goes into planning a successful party! It was CRAZY all of the prep work that goes into it! But I must say looking back on was perfect and I would do it again in a heartbeat! From Pinatas to photo props, everyone had a blast! The boys did great considering they were out a nap and were 2 months shy of actually being a year old! Camden thought the cake was the greatest thing EVER as he demolished it! Keaton and Grayson were a bit more cautious! Aunt Barbara was able to come a couple weeks prior to the big shindig which helped out tons!

It was a special day for all four of my babies; and we were sure to wish Brock a special day too as we released a dozen balloons just for him.

That next week; the move process commenced! A memorable event it was sure to be! The movers packed our home one day, took it the next day, and after roughing it one night, we lived in a hotel the next few days before starting the drive. My sister came down to help us back and got to experience our tiny one bedroom TLF with us! Three adults, three babies, two cats and a made for close quarters! We survived as we counted down the days until the big drive!

All of us adults got up early to load the uhaul and vehicles so when the babies woke up, we could leave. We initially thought of driving at night, but I am not the best night owl around...I NEED sleep! We left around 7:30 and every hour became increasingly worse! Jeff had all things animal and I had all things kids! The kids started out loving life as gypsies....until about five hours into the drive! Camden wanted nothing to do with confinement of a car seat; the kid wanted out and was sure to announce his unhappiness quite loudly! (let me say we prior planned by getting dual DVD players and tons of Nick Jr shows)! We stopped for lunch and dinner only and then continued on our journey. 15 hours later and we made it to our pit stop for the night at Biloxi! ANGRY babies, exhausted adults, and easy going animals...WE MADE IT! We unloaded and put babies to bed in 0-60.

I have never enjoyed a night's sleep so much more! Good thing babies slept solid too so no one's sleep was compromised! We got up the next morning to what seemed like a monsoon (coming from San Antonio where rain seemed non existent). A quick Wal Mart run to get Yo Gabba Gabba DVDs which we discovered was crack for kids and we were ready to load up once again. The realization that we were almost home set in when we met Jeff's brother and family for lunch. How refreshing it is to be so close to family that the boys will now get to grow to know!

Four hours later, and I was back home at my Momma's house. How sweet it is! We invaded her home for a week until our house was ready on Eglin AFB...none of us minded at all! Even sweeter, I am able to go and see my sweet Brock whenever I want or need to. On the outside I have remained strong for my boys, not wanting them to see their Momma grieve....on the inside, I I have been yearning to just break down and let it out. 8 months have gone by and I will be for the first to say; it does not get easier. And for the comments that we have been told time and time again, "at least you have three others"...50 kids could not replace one who was lost. Period. It is a hurt and emptiness beyond words and I just don't think that feeling will go away. That being said, we are a testament as to all things happen for a reason, as Grayson is healed and recovered from the same disease that Brock had; for that, I am blessed times four!
1st Bday Party in San Antonio!

Waking Daddy up in TLF

Our 1 Bedroom TLF

1st Time Meeting The Great Grands!

Having fun playing at Nana and Granpa's House!!!

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  1. Yep here I am with tears in my eyes and it all started with when you wrote about people saying that at least you have 3 other really doesn't make the pain any less! Miss you!! I can't wait to go visit so I can go see Brock. We can sit there and cry together--what a heapin' mess that will be!!