Friday, January 21, 2011

A New Year

A year ago I would have never thought I would be where I am today! This past year has been full of life changing events; all which held their purpose. Jeffrey and I have almost lived in San Antonio for a year in March. I would have never saw myself as a big town Texas girl; I had always viewed myself in my quaint hometown of Panama City, FL. I could not be happier! It took some time to get use to, but great coworkers and friends made the change pleasurable!

There is a reason for every life event whether we see it at the time or later on down the road. God knew just what he was doing when we recieved orders to Lackland AFB as it was apart of his bigger plan. My childhood dream was to become a wife and a mommy and when Jeff and I had tried and tried to concieve, questions set in as to why such the problem. I have seen numerous doctors on the issue for several years and it wasn't until being accepted to the infertiligy program at Wilford Hall on LAFB that our questions were answered. I was diagnosed with a tumor on my pituitary gland which in turn caused me to be infertile as I did not produce the needed hormones to ovulate. Through the careful eye of doctors, we began the road of infertility treatments.

We had gone through two rounds of hormone injections by the time Christmas came along. Little did we know that a trip to the ER on Christmas Eve for abdoman pain and swelling would give us news that we were expecting! I was diagnosed with OHSS but also as being pregnant which made all of the pain worth it! It wasn't until a few weeks later that the news would get even bigger!
I was thrilled to be pregnant but also found myself worrying about the "what ifs." I still had and was expected to have the OHSS throughout the first trimester. The syndrome brought with it swelling from fluid in my abdoman and pain from that and my enlarged ovaries. Our HCG numbers were high from the start. They went from 330 the day we found out I was pregnant to 840 three days later. When I went on my own accord to get a blood test to check to make sure my numbers continued to rise I had no idea what was to soon come.

My Dr. found out I was wanting a blood test but in turn decided a quick ultrasound would be more useful. His face dropped as he stared at the screen and then uttered the words, "I wish your husband were here." My heart sank and tears streamed down my face as I thought the worse. He turned the screen to reveal the sacks of four embryos....We were having quadruplets! What better way to share the information than to post a sign, "You are going to be a daddy to..." on the garage above  nailed onseies labled #1,#2, #3, #4. This was one day I could not wait for Jeffrey to pull up!

What once was a childhood now a reality times four! We are now 8 weeks and have seen the babies twice now! They all four have great heartbeats (Baby A: 140, Baby B: 150, Baby C: 180, and Baby D: 140) and are growing on target! We are so blessed and proud to be parents to four bundles! I have now been released from seeing the infertiligy doctors and on Monday go to the first high risk obgyn visit. I know that this pregnancy is not going to be easy nor is raising  four children; but with God by my side, I am ready for the journey!

How I told Jeff about the quads!

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