Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week 8

It's amazing to see the growth of the quads!!! We just had an ultrasound last Thursday and went to see the high risk obgyn on Monday and got another ultrasound! All the babies are thriving and heart rates are going strong! The ultrasound image was absolutely breathtaking! There was a screen mounted on the wall ahead of Jeff and I where for the first time, we could see all the images as she was scanning. All of the babies had developed hands, feet, heads....complete blessings!

We were hesitant about having our doctors changed since we have received such good care from the infertiligy team; but we were not disappointed! There are four high risk doctors and we met one of them; he also gave us comforting news that he would primarily see us unless he is unavailable to prevent confusion. He answered all of our questions and more as to what to expect from a multiple pregnancy. Basically, we left with a few vital must do's in order to have the most successful pregnancy: 1. Eat the required 4000-4500 calories 2. Listen to my body as to how much energy I can exert or odd changes 3. Listen to the doctors and abide by their guidelines; when they say bed rest...DO IT! I am determined to have these babies "bake" for as long as possible and will do anything in my power to make this happen. I feel confident in all of his advice except for eating the ridiculous 4000 calories; but he referred me to a nutritionist who should be able to lend their expertise and help me out!! Although I am only 8 weeks pregnant, I was beginning to notice a bump forming (quite profusely!); and he said I was the same size as a singleton pregnancy of 19 weeks!!!! To grasp the idea that I at 8 weeks am the same size as a 19 week pregnant with one child is CRAZY!

On top of the hearty diet I will be embarking on, he also gave me plenty of supplements to help my body carry the babies for as long and with as little complications as possible. I am on iron twice a day to help my body form new blood cells as my blood volume will double by 100%!!!  I am still taking 2 folic acid pills on top of the prenatal to help in the development of the babies neuro systems and help prevent any neuro defects. I am on a baby aspirin to prevent from high blood pressure or preeclampsia that I am at high risk for. Nausea and vomiting have been my nemesis and he prescribed vitamin B6 and also Zofran melts (which are my saving grace!) to help; which they do!

I also got a call from the housing office (did not hear what I wanted to at first but after a brief hormonal break down, all went well:) telling me our paperwork for our five bedroom house on main Lackland AFB was ready to be signed. The relief in knowing that we will have room to bring home and raise these four bundles was yet another blessing! Perhaps the aspect of the house I am most thrilled about is the separate laundry room!!!! It is a room, like a walk in has counter tops and cabinets....ROOM! Knowing the loads and loads of laundry I will be doing made hearing that I have an actual room (not my units behind the door in the kitchen) sooooo exciting! The impatient people Jeffrey and I are, drove over to scope out the house and neighborhood the same day as I signed the paperwork and we were both impressed and even more grateful! Jeffrey was thrilled to find out that he had a whole week to move in rather than the 1 day he is use to!! I am thrilled with the comfort of knowing we will be settled in and ready to bring home the babies to the new home. Once again...God has paved the way and is meeting more than just our needs!

The idea of us having four babies gets more and more real each time we see them grow and develop on the ultrasounds. I am truly blessed! I refuse to take any of the pregnancy for granted as I give all glory to God for blessing us with 4 of his angels to raise in his name. Whenever doubt sets in as to how we are going to raise four babies at one time, I have to remind myself that God gave us these gifts for a reason and believes that we are fit and able to care for, love, and nurture each to become well rounded individuals.

I find myself praying constantly for the babies to be shielded from harm, keep growing and developing on target staying in the womb for as long as possible, and all come out to be healthy boys and girls. I have faith and commitment to believe that this prayer will continue to come true as God is good and has a big plan and journey in store for all 6 of the Evans'!

Taken just shy of 8 weeks

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