Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week 15

To me, a family makes up a home and for three weeks my home was not complete as Jeff was not here. When he called me to say that he was coming home 3 days earlier than expected my day was made! Not only was I longing for his touch, love, and companionship; but things were getting hard for me to do as fatigue had begun to set in early during the simplest activities and his help would be much needed and appreciated.

Family has been asking for weeks now where we were registered and what we needed. We wanted to hold off on registering until we had an idea of what the sex of the quads were and as far as what we needed....EVERYTHING (except the furniture which my parents or "Nana & Granpa" graciously bought for both of the nurseries). Jeff and I had decided that this past weekend would be the time to register since the babies sex was known. Talk about a reality check!!!! Registering for FOUR babies is just overwhelming; I found that the fun was almost sucked out of the experience!!!! This was the first day that I honestly had some sort of idea as to just how much four babies were going to cost. I found myself almost sucked into the money whole and the feeling of helplessness overcoming me. It took the words of Jeff and my Mamma to bring me back to our reality. God gave us these babies and has found away despite the odds so far; and he will not leave us now. These are the times where I must completely live by faith and allow God to complete his plan for us. Being a type A personality, completely letting go is a hard task for me; but I have no choice as I can not do this alone nor do I care to. My faith will remain strong in knowing that He is far bigger than us or our wallet will ever be and He has his watchful eye over the Evans.

It wasn't long after we found out about the quads that we began looking for names. Up until this past week of finding out that more than likely all of the babies were boys, we had 2 boys names and 2 girls names set and agreed upon (we did however have a few back up names that were saved in both of our emails, but far forgotten as we just knew we would have 2 and 2). We also agreed that we wanted family names for all of the babies middle names. After searching and digging for names we finally decided on all of the boys' names: Brock Michael (Michael being my step father), Grayson James (James being Jeff's oldest brother), Keaton John (John being Jeff's father), & Camden Joel (Joel being Jeff's older brother). How I listed their names also corresponds to the letters that they have been labeled in the womb from the beginning (A:Brock, B:Grayson, C:Keaton, D:Camden).

This weeks visit was very special as it was Jeff's first time going in over a month! He had his hopes set on them doing an ultrasound but I was weary that they were just checking my cervix and nothing else. Jeff's face lit up when they took us to the ultrasound room. The resident was present again at this visit and did most of the ultrasounds. She started by checking my cervix which was still doing great at a length varying from 3.27 and 3cm. She then went on to looking at each baby to check the heartbeat and also to verify the sex!!! As always she had a time getting the baby still to do the heartbeat and to distinguish all four different babies. As always, all four had great heartbeats and being true to the last visit; all four are still boys!!!! This time there were no questions; it was obvious as the babies were not shy in showing off their manhood (made daddy proud!)!

Our doctor came in and confirmed each of the quads well being and then went over my chart. I lost 2lbs. from last week which he attributes to the sever indigestion. He prescribed a pregnancy safe medicine that I take twice a day (hopefully this will not only relieve the indigestion but also make it easier to put on weight!). I have not been taken iron pills as it had caused me to stop going to the bathroom so he was concerned that my iron was low and ordered me to get labs done which I did. I did not get a phone call that day so hopefully the iron levels are not too low!

As my birthday is just 2 days away; I have reflected on my past year of life. Never would I have dreamed I would be 15 weeks pregnant with quadruplets on my 24th birthday!!! I am grateful to live another year; and eager to see how this next year turns out as I welcome my four beautiful boys!!!! Once again; I am blessed and give all of the glory to Him!

Brock Michael at 15 weeks

Grayson James at 15 weeks

Keaton John at 15 weeks

Camden Joel at 15 weeks

Keaton going in for the thumb suck....makes Mamma smile!

3D of Grason James

3D of Keaton John

Me at 15 weeks pregnant

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