Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Week 14

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder." It has been three weeks since Jeff has left to go on a TDY to Las Vegas and my heart has no desire to grow any fonder; I am beyond ready to have him back! My dad came to the rescue last Thursday and brought me to his house in Magnolia. When one spends day in and day out in the company of themselves; words cannot describe the impact company has! It was a wonderful week and made Jeff being away more tolerable! Not only did I get to escape loneliness; I was also able to escape the daily meals of Ramen noodles, Chef Boi R Dee, and Hungry Man meals. My babies must have been in heaven with a variety of food...a far cry from TV dinners. Seeing my little sisters and having the opportunity to have lunch with them at their school made not only their day but mine as well! It gave me a taste for what I had to look forward to when my children get to be school age; and just how much a simple lunch brightens the day of a child. I am certain I talked the ear off of my friend (stepmother; but friend is preferred as stepmother sounds plain evil) as it had been awhile since I had adult contact! She was absolutely wonderful to me and made me feel like a princess. She took an entire day to go with me to take pregnancy pictures. They were not just any pregnancy photo shoot...I was pampered with my hair and makeup being done and had the most sensual pictures taken to mark such an important event in my life! Lunch and pedicures just topped the day!
The week slowed as I came back to my house of solitude. Three weeks have passed and the yearning I have had to be back not only with my husband, but best friend, family, comforter is stronger than ever. TDY's provide a taste for what a deployment would be like and after three weeks; I honestly cannot fathom 4-6 months or longer. One thing is certain; this will be the last time that Jeffrey will leave that I will be alone. In a few more months I will have 4 other lives to think about other than myself. Hours of endless silence will be replaced with four times the cries, laughs, and intervals of slumbering babies. I feel so blessed to be given this gift. A definite challenge it will be; but God knew what he was doing when he created the quads and he makes no mistakes...however; it is a gift I have accepted and a challenge I am ready for! Besides, even at the loneliest of times; I am not by myself, as He is always by my side.

I have patiently been waiting for April 1st to arrive as we intend to move into the 5 bedroom home on main Lackland AFB. Another unexpected bump in the road has put a damper on that date. The people whose home we would be moving into had their orders cancelled leaving us in the too small 3 bedroom we reside in now. Just as I was about to (well; i did let it get to me) break down Jeff reassured me by saying we were now the first on the list to receive a brand new 4 bedroom home (it ends up being 200 sq. ft. bigger than the 5 bedroom) which is in its final steps of being finished. Now the patience must return as we must wait 30-40 more days. Just when I am about to let my emotions take over; God comes through with something worth the wait.

Two weeks have passed and like usual I had an OB apt. Each time I go I anticipate the ultrasound tech being able to tell me the sex of the quads. I took statistics is high school and felt that we had fairly good odds of having a good mix of boys and girls. A in statistics obviously did not help me out with this one!!! The ultrasound tech had trouble labeling all of the babies as they were moving about; but when she was able to get each separate one still; she took a good look and made the ASSUMPTION (not definite) that all four babies were little boys. I cannot say that I am shocked; if you look at the other family members who are males in the Evans' family, they are great at producing boys (not so much with girls). A resident later came into the room and added her opinion...all boys. Well...I was still hopeful as neither of the ladies were doctors!!! My doctor came in and as he was locating each baby, heartbeat, and placenta; he too thought (THOUGHT!!! not definite) that all four were boys (I believe he used the term...turtles!). Aside from the sexes; all four babies are growing great and have wonderful heart beats; that is all I really need; just healthy babies no matter the sex. He also checked my cervix which he said was still completely normal and has not shortened at all. From now on, I will go every week for a cervix check among other things I am sure. Limitations begin this week as I cannot do anything to raise my heart rate, no straining, no lifting, etc. March 28th is the anatomy apt. where each baby is examined closely for sex, growth, heart rate, etc. I have been told to be prepared for a 1/2 day event!!!

Even though deep down I had hoped for a little girl ever since I was a little girl; it all becomes insignificant. All I find myself wanting is four healthy babies that grow to be happy; regardless of their sex. I am so blessed and cannot begin to describe how thankful I am that everything is falling into place and going well. Well, with four boys the Evans' kids will make up half of a sports team!!!!!!


Babies at Week 14 Me at Week 13

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