Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Week 37

WOW!!!! Moving while having four babies still in the NICU is a daunting task!!! Well....in the same breath; let me say that I am oh so thankful for having the incredible NICU staff to allow me to move into the 5 bedroom (yes 5!!! and so much more space to set up and make having four babies a little easier!)! home on main base while knowing that my bundles are safe and sound and well taken care of.

The drama this week is not so much with my boys as it is with us and the move. Talk about cutting it close to the wire!!!! I have yearned to "nest" for months now! All I was able to prepare was done on bed rest and on online; needless to say, not much of anything! I suppose I bring the stress of moving upon myself. Most people take their time to move and are satisfied with doing so...NOT ME!!! and definitely not me with four little stinkies on their way home! Anal me has to have every picture hung, every kid piece of furniture put together, and all things in their place within the first 2 days of moving. As tiring as it was...it is done! I think the harder part of the move was being away from my babies. I usually spend 8 hours give or take a day with them; and with moving, I barely spent an hour there. Talk about feeling guilty! However, I would rather buckle down and get it all done in a few days rather than letting it linger on. I also had to just face the fact that the more organized I am before the kids coming home; the better it will be for us all!

The boys have had an overall good week. Big news this week is Grayson went from being on 4 liters of oxygen down to 3 liters...this is HUGE as he was able to have his first bottle!!! He showed all of his brothers up as he sucked it dry and barely dribbled! Keaton and Camden came back off of the oxygen as they were getting over their surgery. Camden has done better with his feeds now that his formula was changed. The thickener added to Keaton's formula did the trick for him and he is no longer having the harsh reflux like he was and he is eating all of his feeds from a bottle which meant the feeding tube could be removed! This was the first time I was able to see one of my boys with nothing but their sweet faces. The dreaded eye exams were this week as well; you would think as many as the boys have had and I have been there for; it would get better...NOPE!! Brock and Keaton's vessels were growing out as they should be. Camden had a couple of gray areas which would be looked at again in a week. Grayson has stage 2 of ROP and one area that is stage 3. This is concerning but for now will be closely monitored on a weekly to twice weekly follow up.

Another week mark off of the calendar which means the boys being ready to come home is getting closer and closer. A bigger house, a wonderful and supportive husband, 4 beautiful little boys on their way to being healthy....I am blessed times four!

Brock came to visit Keaton and I

Brock and Momma




Grayson thanking Jesus for getting to feed from a bottle!
Nothing on his little face...but his face!

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