Saturday, October 8, 2011

And then there were 4...

Just when we were getting all of the boys on the same schedule and adjusting to life with three kids; Jeff had to go back to work. This was a surprise to me as he intended on taking 30 days of leave. But; his job is our livelihood and besides he is in the military; so a choice he does not have in the matter. I learned real fast how to do three kids with just one of me. It has been my primary goal to get the babies on the same schedule and even with Jeff going back to work; I was set on keeping the schedule going. After watching an episode of "Make room for Multiples" on TLC; I learned how to feed lots of babies at one time...I set each baby in a blanket and burp cloth covered boppy and take two receiving blankets that I use to prop each baby's bottle. While they eat, I burp, change diapers as they finish and "trouble shoot" for when they drop a bottle. I must works fairly well and it is the only thing I have found to work when I am at the house with all of the kiddos. One day with all three went by and I felt fairly confident!!!

The next day, I got a phone call to come and pick up Brock!!! This was beyond exciting as the day before we were being notified on how he was puking with his feeds; what changed overnight I am not for sure...but I will definitely take my baby and bring him home!!!! Guilt was beginning to set in prior to knowing we were able to pick him up; but what is a momma of quads to do. I had three boys at home who needed to be on a set schedule and then I had one across town in the hospital. it is impossible for me to do both so unfortunately it was my time with Brock that suffered. i was elated that I would now have him at home and get to reconnect and bond with him as it has been a bit of time since I was able to spend significant time with him.

Two kids were doable...three kids were a trial as they now outnumbered us...but what is a fourth?! Well, Brock was not able to come this entire time because of his lack of bottling. This was the difference. Feeding four kids at the same time is a trial in itself; having to feed four with Camden who is fickle and honory during feeds plus Brock who just simply fusses and doesn't want to frustrating to say the least. I forget the struggle we had with Camden from the start, and even Grayson gave us trouble when he first came home as well. I constantly have to remind myself that he can not help it and he will improve; just like the other boys. The difference is that it is easier to deal with this issue with two babies and two parents...even three babies and two adults as one parent can feed the more needy baby as the other parent feeds the better eaters. But, when you have pray and make do.

We intended on having every baby in their own bed and having two nurseries. That was shot when Camden became colicky. After we began co sleeping him with Grayson; it made no since to leave Keaton by his self. We put Keaton in the same room and then when Brock came home we figured we might as well co sleep him with Keaton...this way if one of us needed to sleep through a feeding; it was manageable by one parent, as they were all in one room. Almost all of my initial intentions and plans prior to them being at home has changed. Reality of having quads sets in quite quickly...thus prior plans change quickly as well!! Being a stickler about a schedule is my saving grace and the only way I can manage the boys by myself. They know what to expect and at what time and my day is planned accordingly. They have learned that there is only one mommy and four kiddos. I love my boys and would love to sit and rock each to sleep...but I HAVE FOUR!!! They have learned to put themselves to sleep and to self soothe when they are fussy. I take the time after feeding and before naps to love on each of the boys; being sure to give each little monkey special attention. I have learned to love my new job and absolutely love being a quad momma!!!! Not to say that times do not get stressful when each boy decides to orchestrate a crying symphony...but that is when I have to take the time to thank God for being able to have all of the boys home while also praying for the strength and patience to get through the day. I am blessed times four and now have the constant reminders to wake up to each and every morning which make everyday a great day!!!

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