Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week 34

34 weeks gestational is hard to think that we have been on this roller coaster of a ride for 7 weeks now. I am quickly reminded by just how long our stay has been as the families around us that started our journey in the NICU  have long gone and have been replaced with several different new families. I would not be telling the truth if I said it did not bother me for the babies that came in after us have left before us. I would even say that I am jealous of them. I am also surprised at how little these guys are and how much they are able to do and endure! I am in awe of them. Most families have a picture of the entire family by seven weeks of the baby being thing that many take for granted that I envied having. However, thanks to the amazing nurses we had this past weekend; they made our family picture come true!!! With a quick change of all of the boys to make them match, a couple of portable oxygen tanks, and a few rookie nurse photographers, are family pictures were not only a reality, they were perfect and are something I will cherish!!!

To continue the high to the start of the week, Jeff's sister and family came down for a vacation. Not only were they great company to host; they made life better! The room where we are housing all of the kids' things has overwhelmed us to the point where we sort for a few minutes here and there and then we are done. After coming home from the hospital we found that Jennifer and Earl had sorted through and labeled the entire room....AHHHHHHHHHHHH; this was HUGE! How thankful I am for their organizational skills! This took a load off of my plate which is pretty full!
This week we started bottling the boys (well; not Grayson since he has too high of flow of oxygen and bottle feeding would cause him to aspirate). They all are able to is just the suck, swallow and remembering to breathe part that is tough for them! Not to mention I am learning myself of how to hold them in a way that makes it easier for them, how often to burp, etc. They are able to attempt to bottle once a shift, so once every four feedings. Although the majority of the formula ends up on their clothes, they are trying; and just like the old quote goes...practice makes perfect!!!

Camden has still had large residuals even after all of the breaks, tests, etc. They concluded it was from him being on a 24 calorie formula. When they cut it back to 22 he still had some and when they cut it back to 20 the residuals lessened drastically. The only problem with this is that he needs the extra fortification to grow. They are figuring the best plan and right now it is to increase the volume of the 20 calories feeds and then if added nutrition is still needed, to look at other formulas.

All four boys had their ROP eye exams on Monday. I usually leave the NICU the second I here of the eye doctor coming; but Grayson was laying so sweet that I continued to hold him throughout the other boys' exams. As always, each boy cried and bradied and I did everything in my power not to lose it. I anxiously rocked Grayson until it was his turn. When the exams were over I was told that all four boys have stage one of ROP (the early signs). No treatments or serious concern is needed until stage 3 or 4. The boys will be examined every week to ensure the condition is not worsening.

The pediatric surgeon came into the unit early this week and discussed the boys (all buy Brock) surgery. All of their hernias will be removed on the 19th of August. Hopefully this will be the last surgery my little men will have to endure. I feel at ease as she explained  the procedure in great detail and although every surgery is not to be taken lightly; I feel that this one is small in comparison to what could be.

SIGH. There is nothing like walking in to see the boys and to see the dropped face of a nurse to inform you that your child is not doing well. That was my Thursday. Camden began requiring more O2 and could not hold his temp so his isolette top was dropped to keep him warm. He continued to have residuals even after the formula change several days prior. With these things all occurring, they decided to take a film and draw labs. Of all days to have my postpartum appointment which was not at Wilford Hall but across was today when I wanted to be with my little man as they continued testing him to figure out the cause of his issues. During my ridiculously drawn out appointment, i got a call from Camden's doctor to inform me that his blood work came back indicating he had inflammation caused by an unknown (still testing for ) source and that he was anemic. After consenting; they continued testing by drawing spinal fluid and getting a urine specimen. When we went back that night he was receiving a blood transfusion and was already started on antibiotics. As many times as I have seen the boys with IVs in their does not get any easier. I am well aware that an IV in the head is the same as in the hand, arm, or foot....but it just looks so much worse and hurts my heart every time I see one in one of my boys. Sweet Camden toughed it out during all of the tests like a trooper. Only a small bit of bacteria grew out of the cultures but since his numbers were still rising showing signs of infection; antibiotics were started for at least 72 hours.

5 pound Keaton!

Camden getting snuggle time with momma

Brock rockin a mohawk!

Happy Grayson:)

1st Family Photo!!!...notice all boys waving...or saying "no pictures"!!

Love my family!
I will take everything that comes our way, for the good and the bad...all in anticipation of the day I get to bring home my four little men; the thought of this day is what keeps me going day in and day out. We are simply blessed,

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Week 33

Everyday I walk into the NICU expecting to see my boys the way I left them...snug in their little houses secure from the outside elements. I didn't know what to think as I walked in this past weekend to see Keaton's top of his isolette open and him dressed in a hospital gown and swaddled tight. He was wide eyed and looking at me with a puzzled face as to say, "Uhhh Mom!!! Why are you staring at me??? Haven't you seen a baby in a blanket before??"! And oh how I have seen my fair share of dressed and wrapped babies...but never mine! His nurse saw my astonishment as I was talking my little boy's ear off as if he was understanding every word and she came over to explain the milestone. He was growing and was now beginning to regulate his own body temperature (something the isolette has done for him since birth) and was getting overheated with him keeping up his temp and the isolette trying to do its job by doing the same. Therefore, he is now a big boy and will be in an open isolette complete with clothes, swaddled with a blanket, and topped with a hat!!! I anticipated going home and washing all of their preemie clothes to deliver to the to get the other three in the same environment so they can wear their matching clothes:)!!!

That did not complete our weekend! We had a wedding to attend on Saturday evening and I knew that we would spend the majority of our day at the hospital so I put forth a little more effort in my outfit and look that day. Right as I walked in to say good morning to the boys, Brock's nurse asked me to hold him so she could change his bedding. Well happy mamma me skipped right on over and cuddled my little man; only his greeting to me was not quite as cheery as mine. I felt a stream of wet run down my arm and dress which formed a puddle on the tile beneath us. I stood trying to figure out where it had come from. At first I thought it came from the Vapotherm (the machine that pushes the oxygen with water to make it humid)...but his nose was completely dry.? The well trained and more than competent nurse informed me that he had peed through his diaper. GRRROSS!!!! I could not believe he peed through his diaper just as lucky me grabbed him to hold. But I must say; I wore the pee proudly and continued to cuddle my little guy until his bed was ready...and then I hurried to clean up my dress;)!!! I knew this was just the first of many pee on occasions. And how ready I am about each and every one of those times!!!!

The week continued to bring good days! On Monday, we walked in to find the other 3 boys swaddled and in room air in their isolettes (their tops were not up yet because they must weigh so many grams; however, their isolettes are no longer heated since they are holding their own temperatures)! I couldn't get home fast enough to gather the rest of the preemie clothes to deliver to them! Camden is no longer on oxygen; he is doing it all on his little own! Keaton is no longer on the Vapotherm; he is only on the wall oxygen.

I yearn to do what little I am able to do for my children to make things as easy and healthy for them as possible. The one thing I can do is provide breast milk; however, this is easier said than done. Other than my boys, my life is centered around pumping...every three hours for 15-20 minutes. Every time I sit to pump, I anticipate that my milk has really come in...but it never is. I have tried everything from the licorice tasting mother's milk tea (3-5 cups a day), fenugreek capsules; 3 pills 3 times a day to the last resort of the prescription Reglan (which comes with its shloo of side effects). I am not producing even enough milk to feed one child a quarter of his feeding. All of the boys have steadily been on formula for several weeks now as they are all up to full feeds. I have been at odds with this dilemma for quite some time. After being on the Reglan for several days and giving it my all now for over six weeks; I have come to the realization that I am just one of those women who do not produce. Whether it be because of my pituitary tumor (your pituitary produces prolactin which is the hormone for breast milk), or just the luck of the draw; I am no longer going to feel guilty. I made a commitment to myself to do and try everything possible which I have now done. The effects of the Reglan were quite apparent as I walked in to the NICU on Wednesday and saw Cam with an IV in his head, back on oxygen, isolette down and feeds being held....I absolutely lost it. These sort of "bumps" are to be expected and is nothing new to me. I spent the day attempting to pull myself out of the doldrums and back to being optimistic and found it almost impossible. This feeling and knowing I have now done my very best in producing milk; validated my decision to stop pumping. It is easy to judge those who are not breast feeding or pumping; but you don't know what factors are contributing in their decision not to.

Two steps forward....ten back. This week has been a roller coaster; starting out on the high, hitting the low, and then mellowing out. As I mentioned above; Camden's great start to the week was interrupted by an enlarged abdomen and very high residuals raising concern and causing feeds to stop and testing to begin. After a 48 hour rest from feeds, and multiple ultrasounds and Xrays; Camden's feeds were slowly started and although nothing was found, he will be closely watched. We were also told that Camden's billie rueben levels were consistently high and he will now be on an oral medication twice a day to lower it (the numbers are high due to the amount of time he was on TPN and not feeding). This could take several weeks to months for the numbers to go down and will be closely monitored by GI doctors. 

Thursday began to improve as I sat holding Grayson. Keaton was moved from his isolette to an open little boy is growing up!!! Brock and Camden's isolettes went from closed to open to back to being open. Brock is now on wall oxygen instead of the Vapotherm. If it were not for the shortage of cribs; Brock would now be in one as well. Improvement...slowly but surely.

Keaton after we dressed him for the first time!

Holding big boy Brock his first time swaddled!

Keaton in his "handsome like my daddy" onesie

Grayson in his "handsome like my daddy" onesie

Camden chilled out crazy hair and all after his bath

Grayson tearin up his pace!!!

Brock in his "handsome like my daddy" onesie
The week ended with everyone open and out!!! Keaton is the only one who is in an open crib; however, every other boy's isolette top is now open. They are all holding their temps well! Keaton and Camden are on only 1/2 liter of wall oxygen while Brock is not too far behind on just 1 and little Grayson is trying but is still on 5 liters due to his lung disease.  Brock and Keaton have begun to show ques (signs that they are ready to attempt nippling) and will be given a couple opportunities a day to try and bottle feed. I look at my boys today and remember where we started. It is hard to think that just weeks ago my babies were fighting at a mere 2 pounds!!! Now they are all growing ranging from 3 1/2 to 4 lbs!!! They are growing up too fast!!!!! I take that back...I want them to grow enough to get to bring home, and then they can slow down!!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Week 32

It is still hard to think that even though it has been five weeks since my babies have graced the earth...they should still be in the safe haven of my womb. I often wonder how different life would be like for us if I were able to carry them just a week or two longer; if I could make the beginning of their lives easier, I would do it in a heart beat! I can play the "what if" game all day long and find myself becoming consumed with the idea; but I refuse. I know that there is a reason as to why my boys came when they did and why we are all enduring the road we were placed on; and if I may not see it in a positive way everyday...I know I will look back on what we have experienced and find only the good in it.

This week has been quite a week. We ended last week with Brock having multiple apneas in a short period of time but no conclusion as to why they have become so frequent. His feeds were stopped for a couple of days but have now slowly started back. The only thing that has came back was a blood culture that grew a tiny amount of bacteria signalling he had a very small UTI. I was informed that this was not the sole culprit of his issues; but the it is still not clear as to what is causing it. He is on several different antibiotics to cover all of the bases just to make sure. Camden started out with a rough week. His abdomen was distended and he had very large residuals after feedings. His feeds were stopped and Xrays and assessments made evident that his hernia had gotten quite big and was causing blockage in his stool. The Dr's pushed the hernia back in as much as possible as they will not do surgery until another 4 weeks so he is bigger and more able to handle the procedure ( all of the other boys also have hernias which will be corrected before leaving the NICU) or sooner if the hernia can no longer be pushed back in. He also has bloody stool which could be due from the hernia among other things...they are not certain as to why it is bloody, but they are assessing and getting films every several hours. His nurse showed me exactly what they do to push the hernia back in...needless to say it was painful for my little man and if I could take it away from him I would do so in a second! After her assessment; I was able to change his diaper and then make up for his hard day by kangarooing with him...this made the day better for the both of us!!!

We did have some fun to our week as Jeffrey was able to hold two babies at once!!! He got Daddy time with both Grayson and Camden on Sunday! It was just a precious sight! Grayson laid on Cam and Cam laid on Dad's shoulder. Both of the boys had their little hand on the same spot of their was just priceless!!! The nurses are so fun on the weekends in allowing us to do this and even became our photographers as they took our first family picture...well 1/2 a family picture anyway!!! I also washed and brought up all of the cute receiving blankets that I have so their beds would be well decorated! And oh so cute they are!!! I put a new monogrammed blanket on top of each isolette and also added a stuffed animal blanket to the tops....they just make their isolettes so inviting and a little more homey!!!

Jeff and I have began to conquer organizing baby things. It is frustrating instead of fun to me. I want so badly to be in a bigger house so I can set up their rooms and do the organizing and nesting right!!! However; I also know that we are in the military and things do not happen on our time or even by our circumstance!!! I just hope and pray that we will have a bigger house and will be settled in, prior to the boys coming home. If it shouldn't work out that way though,....I will be just as happy as a clam to have my babies home with me...even if we are popping out of the house!!! Times like these remind me to have patience and know (although it might now be easy) that everything will work out the way it is meant to.

We ended our week with eye exams. I learned my lesson with these! I was sitting down to kangaroo with Grayson when the doctor came in and said to dilate their eyes because the eye dr was on his way. Needless to say, kangarooing did not take place! As fast as the words went from one ear to another, I was out of there!!! Just like last exam, several of the boys became stressed during the traumatic event and had a rough evening and for Brock, a rough couple of days dealing with bradys.

On my way to the first Mom's of Multiples meetings, I called the nurses station to find out the results to the exams. I was told that all were unchanged except for Grayson whose eyes were the best!!! My face lit up as I was stuck in dreadful traffic to know that my little boy who has been the underdog throughout their first few weeks of now the best at something!!! The feeling was short lived as the following morning the doctor stopped me to tell me that his eyes were zone two stage 1. Long explanation short, you want for the stage to be 0; so him being a 1 is not terrible...but we don't want the number to creep up!!! We definitely do not want the stage to rise to be a 3 or a 4!!!!

Back to my meeting!!! I arrived at 6 ish to meet the other new and expectant moms! There were several there that night; by what I understand, more than usual. I was under the assumption that here I would be amongst women who were in my same boat. And althoughI got some WONDERFUL tips and met some amazing women, I was quickly reminded of how rare having quads really are!! I have come to find our situation "normal"...I live it everyday. It is when I say that I have quad boys and I see the faces drop...I realize we are not normal...even among multiples!

We ended the week with the doctors coming to the conclusion that Camden's hernia was the cause of his issues and he is doing quite well; full feeds and only the .5 litres of oxygen which is no longer given through the Vapotherm...just the wall! After receiving the full course of antibiotics and receiving blood, Brock is on the rise. He is still bradying and having frequent apneas; however, it is not nearly as bad as they were. His oxygen is slowly being weened back to where it was prior to him getting sick along with his feeds. Grayson's lungs were filling back with fluid causing his oxygen support to be increased; but after receiving lasics (which he will get daily for weeks up to months) he is weening back down (a blood transfusion was also given to perk him up)! Keaton is being a good boy; just chilling out where he has been.

 I couldn't imagine life any differently; I embrace my family of six and am so proud at how far my boys have come, despite the minor setbacks we encounter daily. When I look into the precious little eyes of my boys', I am left in awe as to how wonderful of a life we have been given!

Dad kangarooing Cam and Grayson

1st half of a family photo

Brock being a sweet boy

Keaton thinking

Grayson's new favorite position...we cal it the "hallelujah"!

Camden snuggling

Friday, July 8, 2011

Week 31

The 4th of July is known for families and friends coming together to participate in all American festivities: bbq's, water activities and finishing off the day with fireworks to celebrate America's Independence! Prior to this year Jeff and I would have spent it doing similar things but with the exception of four little blessings. instead of the day being about us and our entertainment; it will be about our boys. The things that use to bring me enjoyment have since changed. My day will not be made by good food and fireworks but rather by spending the day with my precious boys holding them and doing the typical mamma duties that so many mothers take for granted and even complain about: taking temperatures, changing poo diapers, and holding their tiny little bodies. What a happy first 4th of July it was for all six of us!

You would think I would find monotony in the daily hospital trips...but I don't! I find myself getting pure excited each day in anticipation of kangarooing with my little guys! It does not get old! Today was no different as I went about my everyday tasks in preparation of going to see the kids. As soon as I get to the boys and make my rounds to look at each one and check in with the nurses and doctors to hear the daily report and plan; I then go and find a boy ready to be kangarooed! It is not very often Jeff is able to go and spend the day in the NICU with me as he is back to work full time. This being a long weekend due to the holiday, he has been able to also kangaroo the boys with me. I started out by holding Brock and Jeff held Camden. Brock's nurse had the wonderful idea for me to hold two boys at one time...WHAT???!!! I never even thought to ask if I could hold more than one with the thinking that it would be impossible with all of their monitors and cords. Keaton is the closest brother to Brock; so once Brock's nurse got Keaton's nurse on board with the idea...Keaton joined Brock and I for some kangaroo/mamma/brother time! I thought I was in heaven each time I was able to hold one baby...the only word I have to describe the feeling of holding two boys at one time is just LOVE!!! I found myself tearing up...not because I was sad but I suppose it made having multiple blessings real! How blessed I am to be the mom to these four precious boys!

As if celebrating their first holiday, the 4th of July, was not enough...they had a even bigger week this week as they turned one month old!!! It is hard to think that we have already had our boys for a month! It has been 30 days of ups and downs and with it comes all of the emotions. Other than the boys turning a month old they had added excitement as their final head ultrasound results were in and they had their first of many eye exams...their day was anything but fun. While the doctors were rounding and giving me the update on all of the boys, the eye doctor came in. I have heard that the exam was rough for the kids as they dilate their eyes and then force their eyes open with a metal contraption. I would have been completely unaware of what the eye doctor was dong as I was enthralled with kangarooing Grayson except for the blood curdling screams and cries that came from the baby enduring the exam. With the shear sounds of terror, came the constant beeps of the monitors sounding from where the boys were stopping breathing due to the event. After putting Grayson back into his isolette for his turn; I felt the tears stream down my face. I can not explain the feelings of helplessness when you see and hear your baby/babies in pain and discomfort and you can not do anything. All I can do is be there for them and anticipate the day when I get to bring my boys home.

When people find out that I have quadruplet boys the reactions are basically the same, "God bless you, Better you than me, I don't know how you are going to do it, Four boys???...good luck!" I find myself getting frustrated with the comments. People take for granted when they have a baby they are able to instantly take them home. Most moms do not have to ask to hold their child with a one hour limit or have to watch their child getting poked multiple times a day for blood tests or IV changes. They don't have to watch their 2 pound baby getting wheeled off for a surgery and then watch him a week later going through narcotic withdrawals. I will be thrilled and honored when I am able to bring my boys home. Will it be hard? Will my house be chaos and overwhelming? Will I find myself getting frustrated?...Of course!!! I would rather all of those things than to have my boys in the NICU away from me where I have no control or way of saving them from the tests, exams, assessments that have to be done for their well being.

Two steps forward, one step back...this is our life. Just as the boys were all progressing in feeds and the majority were off of the IV nutrition and had all their central lines and IVs removed...Camden followed in Brock's footsteps from last week. He was throwing up his feeds, had big residuals, an enlarged abdomen, and an abnormal Xray. The doctors were concerned that he had NEC (something to do with the GI system that can be very severe, leading to death; we just know we don't want to hear this word). His feeds were immediately stopped, and IV was put in and he was receiving fluids to keep him hydrated and give him sugar as well. After he was poked in every extremity for tests and blood cultures and after he had many Xrays and assessments they decided to start back on low feeds and keep a watchful eye on him. It appeared that he had a backup of poo and was full of gas; which could still be NEC but they were leaning more on the side of he just needed a break from feeds and meds to help him go poo. This was great to hear, but knowing the concern was still present left me still uneasy. These events easily lead to feelings of anxiety and worry; but I am learning that this is a part of the NICU "roller coaster"; it is our normal. These are times where I can not rely on my strength as I would surely break; but instead I must rely on someone bigger.

My boys are now certified!!! I went to pay and pick up their birth certificates this week and received their social security cards in the mail! When I gave the papers to the lady working the front desk; she asked why I needed the birth certificates...I replied, "They were just born so they need a certificate." She was immediately taken back as she did not realize upon first sight of the papers that the boys were quadruplets! She said we were the first set of quads to have gone through  the office. Times like these remind me that my "normal" is not so normal!!!!

 Everyday is a new start; this is true for my boys as well as for me. It is hard to stay upbeat and optimistic all of the time; sometimes I find myself asking the "whys" and get down in the dumps. It is when I go and look at and hold my beautiful boys that I can't help but to find myself digging out of the pits quite fast!!! I am constantly reminded by the boys just how blessed I am!

Daddy holding Grayson
My first time holding two!!!! Brock, Keaton & I kangarooing:)

Giving Keaton a real bath!

He was sooo over the bath

Sleepy Grayson

Brock holding his paci

Camden holding his paci

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Week 30

Gestational age...30 weeks. Even though my babies turned three weeks old on Monday; I am reminded that they should still be baking in the womb every time I peer into their isolettes or when I hold their tiny bodies against my skin and realize their tininess. They are true fighters. When they get knocked down with infections, bad pic lines, breathing problems...they are given the strength to attack. It seems ever since they were born there has not been a day that goes by when we are not confronted with a child's new found illness or arising issue. The surgery we thought would be the end to Grayson being on the ventilator was not so. Although the surgery closed his ductus; his lungs were still full of fluid making it impossible for him to ween off of the vent. With an infection on top of his fluid filled lungs and his blood pressure fluctuating; something had to be done. He has been on the vent since he was born and we were warned of the damage it can and will cause to his lungs. The next step was to give him a 10 dose course of steroids that would help him over the hurdle allowing him to ween off of the vent. Like all other treatments, steroids came with their long list of risks for both now and on down the road. Ultimately every decision is left for us to decide; but how do I make a decision without having gone to medical school and being given the sufficient training? This is when I have to trust Him and pray that the doctors have the knowledge and the discernment to make the better choice. All I know is I want to see my son's entire face, I want to hold him skin to skin outside of his isolette, I want to hear him cry and see him move unlike the sedated baby I visit daily.

It seems like lately every time i go to visit the boys I am told what is wrong...not what is right. After hearing dreary news for the past three weeks; it is hard not to let it get me down. I almost come to expect that something is wrong with them. Monday night was a breath of fresh air. Having stayed all afternoon with the boys, I went to fill out the paperwork for their birth certificates and then went home for the evening (which is not typical as we usually go up at 8 every night). Jeff called to check on the boys around ten and was told that Grasyson was off of the vent and on a SI-Pap ( a mask that straps around his head that does less than a vent but more than a nasal cannula). WHAT???? Could it be??? Are we over the sick hurdle and on the mend?!!! I have never been so relieved before! I anticipated the following morning where I would get to hold my baby for the first time! My once sedated baby was now making up for loss time and giving his nurse a hard time...I loved watching every fist clench and kick he did when she was trying to do her assessment! Although I still could not see his face as the SI-Pap covered the majority, I was able to kangaroo with my little fighter! I held him skin on skin for about two hours. It took him some time to get comfy with the SI-Pap apparatus on; but once he was calmed with his pacifier and a gentle rock; he rested so sweetly!

That was enough to make my entire month; however, the day just got better and better! Brock and Keaton were on their final bag of TPN (IV nutrients) and would only be given breast milk. Camden was not too far behind the other two little porkers (he is still being treated for an infection which is probably why his feeds are not increasing as fast). Driving home from the hospital and reflecting on the day, I couldn't help but to cry. Not crying for myself or out of sadness, but rather out of pure love and graciousness that my boys together had a great day for the first time. It was a nice break to the bad news streak.

I prayed and nagged the doctor's about when Grayson could get put onto a cannula and off of the SI-Pap which he despised. A day later and my baby boy was moved down to a cannula...I could now see his entire face. Although being off of the SI-Pap did not calm his spirits; kangaroo time with mom sure did. He has continued to fuss and thrush about with the nurses so they occasionally have to sedate him; guess a two pound baby is too much to handle! Every four weeks the boys' doctors  chang out. The staff doctor we had when they were first born was back on duty. He was proactive when Grayson's nurses' informed him of his 200+ heart rate and uneasiness (all except when he is kangarooed). He explained that Grayson was withdrawing from all of the narcotics he has been on and became dependent on since his first days of life. He put him on a low dose of morphine that served as Grayson's normal  and would slowly ween him off so by the time he comes home he will be completely off and will not be tortured by the effects of withdrawing.

I feel like the boys are now on the up. They still have their issues: Grayson's lungs are still quite hazy (praying they clear so he is not put back on the SI-Pap), Camden's thyroid is too low and he is now receiving meds to balance it out, and Keaton still forgets to breathe quite often (especially when he is comfy); but these are things to be expected from preemie babies. Camden ended the week as the porker of the group. We had noticed he looked extremely pudgy compared to the other three boys. Sure enough he weighs a whopping 3 lbs!!! Keaton at 2.9, Brock at 2.8 and Grayson at 2.5.

Camden holding Daddy's hand

Brock and Momma time

First time kangaroo caring with Grayson

Keaton being a big boy holding his booper!
We live each day for what it is worth; trying not to look to far into the future as things frequently change. There are major complications that every preemie is faced with: NEC, brain bleeds, and eye issues. This week the boys will be getting thorough eye exams to see the zone and stage in which their eyes are developed to or lack there of. They will also get their last head ultrasound to look for brain bleeds or an increase in the stage of bleed (last one unless something arises to cause concern to perform another one). I could sit and worry about what the outcomes could be...but instead I will enjoy the boys' first Fourth of July with them, trusting the Lord's plan.