Tuesday, October 2, 2012

As Time Goes By...

It has been a little while since I have made a post & vow to start updating more frequently! So much has gone the past few months! My babies are no longer babies, they are toddlers! Well...Keaton and Camden are; Grayson like always, is doing things on his own timing. They are just so much fun! The joy I get from watching them laugh and play each day is overwhelming. The boys and I made it through Jeff's first TDY since having the quads...and I am proud to say that we survived! I was one tired and worn out Momma; but the since of accomplishment knowing that we made it through 2 weeks by ourselves is a good feeling. However, it was an even better feeling to get to pick Jeff up from the airport a week early thanks to the hurricane that ended up not hitting us! It was a complete win situation; well, maybe not for Jeff as he did not receive credit for the course he was taking which I do hate....but AHHHHH, to have him home and to no longer be "a single parent" made my happy!

The boys became so big that they started an Enrichment program 2 days a week for two hours. They have not quite made it the full two hours but they are doing so much better and really seem to enjoy it! Having them in a "school setting" where they are able to participate in circle time and get to associate with other kids makes the teacher in me elated! Although more than not, they are always right by each other when I pick them up....but still! I love that I have fridge art to hang and love even more the picture messages I get from their sweet teachers of the boys having fun at school!

The boys are still going to PT & OT every week and we added Speech to the list as well for all three. They have a severe feeding issue & are still behind with their speech & language development that their Speech therapist & we are working hard to make better! They will get there!

There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of my sweet Brock and the events that led up to the day that I watched him go to heaven. It is no more easier today than it was nearly a year ago. When I watch the boys play ball up and down the hallway, I wish I were seeing my sweet Brock get to have fun with his brothers too. I wonder what his little personality would be like, which brother he would look most like; my heart just yearns for him. I feel this past year I have not really got the time to grieve and let out all of my emotions and heart ache and as October 5th nears; my sadness is leaking out. I am finding it hard to suppress my heart ache like I have forced myself to do all this time. What seriously gets me through each day, is knowing that because of all that happened to Brock, I still have my Grayson here today, alive and well. And how blessed I am to have Keaton, Camden, & Grayson here to be reminded of my him each time I look into their smiling faces. These boys are my world and I am so honored that God allowed me to be their Momma here on earth. A year ago, today, tomorrow, and years to come, I am blessed times four.

The boys first day of "school"!

On our way to church at Nana & Grandpa's house

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  1. Soooo sweet to hear about them being in school and that they are able to enjoy 'circle time' that makes me very happy!!