Monday, February 7, 2011

Week 10

I suppose all first time moms go through the worry phase; as the unknown is scary. With every stretch, cramp, pain, ache....feelings of anxiety overwhelm me. I am trusting and faithful that all is and will be great under the Lord's watchful hand; but it must be the mom instinct to automatically worry. There is no better feeling or since of relief than on the Dr. appointment days when the ultrasound tech confirms each of the fours viability. Every emotion streams through my body and my mind; and a, "Thank You God" follows the spotting of each of the quads.

Today officially marks week 10 of the pregnancy. However; by looks alone, my belly states otherwise. People (vital nurses in the OB included) are shocked when they ask me how far along I am and the answer of 10 weeks is given. Their face says all, "There is no way.....Look at your belly!!"! When I share with them that I am expecting quads, their face speaks for them once again!

Week 9 was anything but ER trip, sharp pains, extreme nausea and fatigue, and splitting headaches. As trying as last week was; it was automatically forgotten when I got to see each of the precious four blessings. I can endure anything for the health and safety of my babies (and many prayers)! I laid in awe as the appearance of each baby was no longer that of an alien....they were little babies!! All of them were moving about with their little heads bobbing up and down. Baby A was especially feisty as he/she (although the tech said she thought there was a good possibility it was a boy; we will know for sure she said in a few weeks) was all over the place, hands and feel flailing about!

Having gotten pregnant and infertility being the only issue my pituitary tumor has caused; I forget about its presence. However; the high risk OB told us what I have read about and would rather not think about. My tumor is categorized as Macro (bigger than 1 cm; micro being smaller than 1cm) and with that comes a high chance of it growing at least 1/3 its size in a normal singleton pregnancy. Since we are having quads he deduces that my chance will be even greater although there is no certainty (there is no research for pituitary adenomas and quad pregnancies). My chart states that I get an MRI, see the endocrinologist, get a  visual field test and complete eye exam every 6 months. The time has come for all of it to be completed and he said as long as they skip the dye for the MRI, the babies will not be effected. I will keep confidence in God that the tumor goes unchanged; but am thankful for the concerns and effective monitoring.

Getting the necessary 4-5000 calories a day has been my nemeses!!! I have made an effort to eat every two hours and to constantly drink. My hard work is paying off as I have gained 9 pounds!!! It made my day that our Dr. thought I was doing great (since Jeffrey thought the opposite)! It was also reassuring to know that I was given permission to splurge!!! This was beyond  exciting as there is just no way I can stomach Boost drinks!!!!! DQ, here I (plus 4) come!!!!

I can not thank God enough for this incredible journey! It is truly a miracle to look and see four babies growing and thriving inside me. Whenever things are tough (like last week) or feelings of worry arise as to how we will afford four kids; I have to remind myself that there is a reason why we were given this gift and with God overseeing all, we will be taken care of!!!!!

Week 10

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  1. Hi Hallie!
    I don't think you know me, but I was a classmate of Jeff's in high school (Port St. Joe) and my family knows the Burns' as well (Earl was my youth minister). I found out about your blog through Jennifer's fb post and wanted to follow you along in your crazy exciting adventure :) I'm also in Physician Assistant school and interested in OB so I've already learned some from your blog! Just wanted to let you know I was following your blog and enjoying hearing about you and Jeff as your faith and belly increase :) Tell Jeff I said hello!
    ~Katie Geoghagan Joffe