Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week 22

I should know by now that we lead an exciting life and when things slow down something has to happen to make a spark! I lasted a day after last Thursday's apt before noticing an increase in contractions; so we did as we were told and went to labor and delivery (although by the time I decided I needed to go it was eleven at night; maybe next time I will listen to Jeff....maybe)! All I wanted was to get the ok to increase the Procardia; just what my Dr. told me to do. The issue with going at night is that none of my high risk Dr's are there and only residents are. She wanted to start with a vaginal exam before even monitoring; I found this completely not necessary as I just had a cervix check the day before. Going against my gut I let her. Usually when my cervix  is checked it is done in the matter of minutes; she couldn't find it using the transvaginal ultrasound after many minutes so then opted to do a manual check which I was really against! She did and found that it was closed; I do have a stitch up there so it is not going to open without me knowing! I was then hooked up to the TOCO to monitor for contractions which were showing up. Two hours later and they wanted to do another cervical check to make sure the contractions were not causing a change. It was a replay from before; to me, two completely useless exams other than to cause me more pain. We were sent home and still not told to take the extra Procardia...which is what we were there for to begin with!!!!

Saturday was my skype baby shower from Florida with my family and close friends. I must say it was just too cute!!! It was so nice to be apart of my shower even being this far away. Everyone got to sit in front of the camera and open their gift and/or card. We are so blessed to have the family that we do!!! I have begun to do some online shopping since I am restricted to laying down; but have got to get it in gear!!!!! The only thing that I missed was the food and dessert I saw everyone else chowing down on....if only they could have emailed me that too!

The rest of the weekend my contractions continued and by Monday I was in pain with them. This time I listened to Jeff and we went to labor and delivery early in the afternoon. We were hooked up to the TOCO where there were some extreme contractions and one of the Dr's I saw when I was admitted checked my cervix which had a small change but still looked great. She told me to increase the Procardia and to not be afraid to take the pain meds when it got out of control. So I did just that!! The rest of the week was uneventful but passed all of the same. I got several packages of gifts from the shower so have kept busy writing thank you cards.

Today we went for our weekly high risk clinic apt. Although I am not stressed or even nervous about something being wrong (I truly have peace that I will carry these boys until 28 plus weeks), I can feel my body automatically getting anxious. My cervix was 3.5 which has dropped; but as expected, and still looks great which makes me happy! All of the babies are doing great and baby B's heart is back to normal! I have had a lot of tightening on my right side which I questioned about; I am not sure if it is a contraction or a baby moving and pushing. I pointed it out to him where he could feel to decide. One he was confident was a contraction but another he was unsure. He said he would feel better if we were monitored for 20-30 minutes to make certain. After being monitored and having several contractions show up; he told me to start back taking the Indocin and to come back tomorrow afternoon to be re monitored. I am praying the contractions stop!!!!

A wife from Jeff's work hosted a cute little shower at our house; it was nice to have visitors!!!! Being confined in the same recliner only to get up to use the restroom gets a bit monotonous!! It didn't take long for me to realize that I am no good at shower games; I lost everyone miserably!!! The company was great and the food was a hit with me and my baking boys! Just as soon as I opened my gifts Jeff and I had to leave to go back to the hospital to be monitored. I had felt contractions all day; some of which were painful, so I had prepared myself to see many contractions. The TOCO strip showed contractions every couple of minutes; some of which being so strong they went off the strip. The residents on shift called my Dr to see what his plan was. A resident we had seen even prior to being admitted came to say that my cervix needed to be checked...UGHHH!!! My poor cervix never has time to recoop before being irritated with again; which ultimately causes more contractions. Nevertheless, he checked it and found that it was 3.5; unchanged from my appointment day. This was a relief to me and gave me hope that I would not be admitted. He left to call my Dr again to see what I needed to do. I anxiously waited praying that I would not have to stay. After a debate on what to do it was decided that the only thing different that would occur if I was admitted would be monitoring; all of the meds would stay the same. I felt that I now knew what to look for in a contraction/s that would require us to return (constantly painful; and as of now mine are fairly consistent with random painful ones). Relief set in!!!!

As in control and type A as I am; I have no control and have chosen to give all control to Him. I have learned that I would rather it that way. God wants us to rely on him for strength and allow him to take our burdens and worries away; especially since each of our destinies are already planned out and is ultimately his will. I rely on Hm solely and find complete comfort and peace in knowing that the four gifts he has given me will continue to grow and develop in the safe haven of my womb and when it is time (I pray 28 plus weeks) they will come. Until then I will appreciate every moment of bed rest and give thanks for allowing my body to endure!

Me at 22 weeks

Jeff and I at 22 weeks

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