Saturday, May 28, 2011

Week 25

There are no words to describe the feeling I get when another week is conquered. Not only have we made it past the goal of week 24; we have made it further than what was anticipated! Our excitement from making it through another week was stirred up when I was told it sounded like there was fluid on my lungs and that delivery was highly going to take place. Xray came up to my room to picture my lungs, but I ended up going down to get a more reliable picture. As I prayed and anxiously waited to hear what was going to happen; we were finally told the new plan. I did have fluid on my lungs and the magnesium would have to stop. I would be given a diuretic to help rid some of the excess fluid. All I could hear was no magnesium which was the only thing to slow my contractions. My mind went into overload as to what this meant. We were told the NICU team would come to speak to us to inform us of their game plan; and I would be given one dose of turbutaline (a shot not commonly given due to the adverse effects it has on the mom) to help with the contractions as well as a twice weekly shot of progesterone (a hormone shot to help stop pre term labor). All I could do was to pray for God's will be done; if ever a time I realized I had no was now.

Shots were given, prayers sent up, and the NICU team arrived. I tried to take in every single word the head Dr was saying without being overwhelmed by emotions. This proved to be a task in itself. Even with the information overload; I was calmed with a peaceful heart. It wasn't up to me, my Dr's or even the NICU team as to what would happen to my babies whether they delivered that day or several weeks later. All I knew is that God was looking out for my boys and he would help them persevere no matter what. The next couple of days were spent not knowing what would happen; but nonetheless another day went on! One man from the NICU team who had spoken to us stopped by our room everyday to see how things were going and to pray with us...this is who was on my and my boys team; a man of the Lord (this was a rarity with Dr's and I was even more at peace that this man was brought to us!)! This made our days brighter.

Not a day later and my lungs cleared enough for the magnesium to begin again, which was a blessing as the contractions began to pick up (a UTI and other infection did not help out the contractions). The day brightened as my sister arrived into town and our nurse fought for the catheter to be removed so I could become half way normal by getting to get up the few short minutes to use the bathroom. Although shaky and weak from the magnesium, it felt nice to get to move a few short steps. This was the first time since being admitted I got a good look at my growing belly; and HUGE was an understatement!! We were on a streak with advocating nurses as the night nurse advocated for a shower...not a hang the head on the side of the bed hubby hair wash; but a real shower. I suppose the night Dr's are more pushovers than the day (or the nurse was quite the arguer!)! because they gave in!!! Now this was nice and appreciated; how the little things are so easily overlooked!!!

Closing out the 25th week and a mix of emotions set in. I am thrilled to have made it this far, tired of hurting from the pregnancy itself and all of the drugs to prevent labor, anxious about what the future holds. over being on bed rest....but most of all I am blessed. If it were up to my body; I think the towel would have been thrown in by now; god thing it is not me and my strength but His.

Me at 25 weeks

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  1. girl you have been through th ringer with this pregnancy but look at you already at 25weeks!!! that's so awesome!! Hope you are hanging in there! Hopefully those boys can stay in just a bit longer and keep getting stronger (even though Im sure youare miserable by this point). Wishing you all the best!!! :)