Friday, June 10, 2011

Week 26

Beeping, nurses coming in every our for either magnesium checks or medicines, confined to the same bed and room....OLD!!!!! It is getting old. If I wasn't in a tshirt and shorts I would think I was a convict. I now understand what pregnant ladies at the approaching full term mean when they say that they are done and ready for the baby to be out. The only difference is that I am 26 weeks and not 40. As done as I feel, as fed up with feeling lousy from the meds, as over I am of getting constant infections...I can not be done. I have to find strength outside of myself to persevere and overcome these coming weeks; knowing it is what is best for my boys. It is the single hardest thing I have had to endure; but know that it will be completely worth it and forgotten.

Just as I finished the antibiotics for the UTI and other infections; I felt another coming on. Not again!!!! With infections come pain and discomfort as well as an increase in contractions; which is anything but fun. The symptoms this time were heightened; fever, aches, along with the feelings of a typical UTI. It will take 48 hrs to get the culture back; however, IV antibiotics along with oral ones should start to kick the infection...I am hoping!!! 28 weeks is the next goal and is when the Magnesium will be shut off; for a drug most are on for a period of only 48 hours; I will be starting the 4th week this coming week. I am ready for the day when it is done!

Having the type of personality that likes to know what is going on and what to expect; this situation is just not conducive. As most women have a due date to anticipate and plan for; I do not. There is no date or time as to when the babies will come which leaves me to depend on God that much more. I have learned so much throughout this experience which I am thankful for. Where I use to try and control every and all situation; depending on what was penciled in my planner; I have learned to allow God to be my planner. He lets me know on his time; what will come our way.

The babies had a growth scan this week. Two babies were 2lbs 4 oz, one baby was 2lbs  3 oz and the other was 1 lb 14 oz. All were right above or average; making this mamma happy!!! And to top the good news was Jeffrey making our anniversary special; even being in the hospital! Roses; a little cake with flowers on top, a sweet card and a nice take out dinner made the day a memorable one!!

Seeing my belly grow means that my baby boys are growing too; I still stare in awe at how the human body can be pushed beyond the conceivable limits! Just when I think I can not do one more day; I am given the strength I need to pull longer is it about me; it is about my four blessings!

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