Saturday, June 11, 2011

Week 27

Another week down; another week to celebrate!! Being aware of my internal need for a bit of control; it has been hard to except the fact that I would not know when to expect the boys' arrival. I am pretty sure that I ask quite frequently about when I will have the boys; always to get the answer, "We do not have a crystal ball but you will know when your body goes into labor." I was still uncertain with this answer as I have had intense contractions for over four weeks now. I knew exactly what their response meant Sunday night. Sunday evening my contractions went from my baseline of 6-10 a minute to one every couple of minutes and these were the strongest I have ever felt; there was no question that things were changing. I was taken to get an ultrasound and to get my cervix checked. The babies were all doing good but my cervix was thinning and shortening. They decided to up the Magnesium to 4 grams an hour; as high as they would administer it. It was within moments of the Magnesium being turned up I felt the cruddy effects; but with the adverse effects I also felt my contraction slowing down. Everything was under control until early the following morning when my contractions began to pick up and the pains were getting to be unbearable. I was already given all of the medications to stop labor; their next plan was to remove the cerclage in hopes that tension would be released and the contractions would slow. They prepared us for the procedure and to possibly do the c section and deliver depending on how my uterus responded. After the cerclage was removed they monitored my contractions for ten minutes and in deed they slowed down. We were wheeled back to the room where we anticipated what would happen next.

The morning turned into the afternoon and the afternoon proved to be that of full excitement! The contractions picked right back up; however, this time they were the most painful, intense, and consistent ones yet. Ans many times as I have said that my body was done for; I knew this time was actually it. The pain was excruciating and when checked I was 2 cm dilated, 75% effaced; my uterus had dropped along with Baby A, and the contractions were one in every minute. The team of doctors filled our room to discuss what little options we had. I could have gotten an epidural to take the pain away but the contractions were obviously labor ones so the time in which we would ultimately deliver would be very soon. We also had to take in consideration the risks associated with an epidural. I have been on shots four times a day to thin my blood for the blood clots and also the magnesium and endocin I was taking to delay labor also thins out blood which could lead to my spine bleeding and other dangers I was not willing to risk. It was also the afternoon where all of the specialty doctors for both the kids and myself were still on shift. We all decided that labor was not stopping and the safest thing to do was to deliver. Luckily my mom had decided earlier that day to get a flight to San Antonio. She arrived 30 minutes prior to me going to the OR. After signing my life away, hugging and getting reassured by my mom, we were off to deliver the boys.

We went to the OR around 4:30 and the boys were born shortly after. Brock was born at 5:08 weighing 2 lbs 1 oz and was 14 inches long. Grayson was born at 5:09 weighing 2 lbs 8 oz (his length is still not known as he was having complications). Keaton was born at 5:09 weighing 2 lbs 6 oz and was 14.1 inches long. Camden was born at 5:10 weighing 2 lbs 3 oz and was 13.78 inches long. I sought to hear the cries of all of the babies, but was only able to hear the small whimpers of two. I kept my eyes on Jeff as he towered above me to take pictures of each of our little blessings. As quick as the babies were taken out, they were taken away. I helplessly laid there as the surgery was finishing. While I was taken to recovery I knew that Jeff would check on the boys allowing for an update when I was brought back to the room. All I wanted to know was that all of my boys were doing well; it seemed that I was in recovery for an eternity! Finally I was back to my home on the labor and delivery floor and was able to hear about my babies. They were all on ventilators but were all holding stable. I let out a sigh of relief. Unable to go to the NICU due to the surgery; I saw my boys on the camera thanks to the pictures that Jeff took.

The next morning my motivation to get out of the bed was 4 little boys. I was in such pain from the surgery and other complications that made left me feeling wiped out. It wasn't until the late morning when I saw my blessings for the first time. Even with all of the cords and tubes, they were just perfect! As much as I wanted to stay the entire day; my body only allowed me to stay a few minutes. By the end of the day we were getting wonderful news about Keaton, Brock and Camden. They were being taken off of the ventilator and would just wear oxygen canulas. Grayson was left on his because his blood pressure was unstable but was getting medications for to stable it out. The next day they attempted to take out Grayson's ventilator but his lungs collapsed causing a oscillating ventilator to go back in. All of the boys were put under bili lights and two on antibiotics for possible infections. A brain scan was done on Grayson to see if the uncontrolled blood pressures effected his brain. The results showed that he had a stage one brain bleed. The words were just unsettling. The doctor explained in great detail that a stage one is basically viewed as a 0 as it has no negative effects. The next couple of days were the same sort of updates. Thursday was finally the day that I had been anticipating; the going home day!! 10 weeks on bed rest, about seven of those spent in the hospital...this girl was ready to go home!!

Being at home was just not fulfilling; as happy as I was to be at home, I wanted my boys with me. Sleep is overrated when you are in pain and can not get comfortable. A c section i am sure is bad enough; but I my abdominal muscles split during pregnancy and had to be sewed back together causing intense pain. Another UTI just added to the fun of trying to heal!! I was not too concerned about getting sleep as I just wanted to get back to see the boys. I felt guilty that I was only able to stay long enough to hear their progress and to see each of their faces. I also know that healing happens more and more each day and that things will get better to where I can spend as much time as I please with them.

We were told this experience was going to be a roller coaster of a ride; but I didn't fully understand until now. It is a good thing that we are not alone; God is with the Evans' and continues to bless us daily!!! How grateful we are!

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